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a digital portfolio

a digital portfolio


Over a decade of experience in Digital Marketing

I knew from a young age the power of words. As an early reader, I knew that within the stories we tell entire worlds are created. It’s been my life’s work to use stories to help others reach others.

Hi there, I’m Mark Miller. While I’m originally from the Midwest, I relocated to Florida over a decade ago after spending 10 years in Phoenix, AZ. I graduated from ASU (Go Devils!) with a Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Studies which included focuses on <arketing and APAS Studies. While it seems like an odd combination, I’ve found that working with people who come from different backgrounds has helped me see alternatives I otherwise may not have.

I began my marketing journey while working for a web hosting company. As a mere Technical Support agent, I joined Twitter in its first year and quickly found that many customers were complaining about their issues and our lack of online support and documentation. I decided to reach out to these clients to answer their questions and guide them to the documentation we did have available. I soon began working with the company’s official Marketing Department to increase our online presence and build out the online help options.

From then on, I recognized that Marketing was a passion of mine. I love working to assist companies in helping their clients and reaching out to possible new ones in ways that properly reflect the institution’s values and ensuring they present the best possible image of themselves.